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Welcome to Meyers Mechanical!



    Visit John's Surplus Materials page for special deals on surplus inventory.     Please call John at (765) 966-0541 for current inventory and pricing.   A list is posted on the surplus materials page and is subject to change without notice.

     We would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with some of the many skills and services Meyers Mechanical can provide to your facility. 
     Our contract engineers and all our field personnel are highly trained in many disciplines relating to plumbing, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and process piping systems.              


Here are just some of the services we provide:

  Preventative maintenance service contracts tailored for your needs. Commercial comfort heating or cooling systems, including forced air, steam or hot water boilers systems, and rooftop units.  
  Periodic inspections, checks, & services. New installation, repair, or maintenance of cooling or process systems.  
  Chemical water treatment. Electric and pneumatic building control systems.  
  Backflow preventer installation, repair, and yearly certified testing. Ice machine installation, service, & repair. We are an authorized Manitowoc & Scotsman service representative. We service all makes of freezers, walk-in coolers, under counter coolers & freezers, and remote and packaged systems.  
    A highly trained 24-hour a day service department provides minimum down time protection. They are available on a regular time basis and also provide emergency service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Meyers Mechanical’s Vision for the 21st Century


     We foresee many more great changes in our industry in the coming decades; not only in technology but also in the way we reorganize our firm to meet the challenge of the 21st Century.

     We believe that a firm and decisive leadership and mind, with vision always beyond tomorrow is the critical tool that we must employ in our future. 

     We see Meyers Mechanical expanding into disciplines that will allow us to offer our clients a much better menu of construction applications to choose from, which will allow our clients a much shorter line of communications, thus expediting and beating construction completion dates.

     We feel that our future will be in larger industrial and commercial work based on negotiated and design/build sales. 

    We see our clients becoming more intelligent in mechanical construction. We intend to meet this challenge by constant education of staff and field employee. We must be able to supply our customer with new application of design, materials, and the most current equipment information.

     We must be prepared to offer “budget” pricing service to our customers with fast and accurate information, advancing new ideas that will improve and be cost effective.

     In the 21st Century, we see great opportunities for those who prepare in advance, and the failure of those companies that take a “In the past it worked well” attitude.

     We see a greater and stronger America in the 21st Century and beyond, and we intend to see that Meyers Corp. is a greater and stronger part of that America.



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